Suitable for heat resistant use with materials

carried at over 60ºC (140ºF). Two grade are

supplied. Most commonly used for conveyance

of Coke, cement clinker, burnt lime, special

chemical products or other powdery materials.



  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Resists heat-crack or softening
  • High adhesion values


Type Compound
cover rubber
Temp range of minerals (°C) Temp range of belt surface (°C)


Low to Medium Temperature HR-100 SBR Lump 70″200°C
Powder 70″150°C
150°C For low-medium temperature abrasive materials requiring high wear resistance (coke, sintered products, etc.)
High Temperature HR-150 EPDM 100″400°C 150°C For high temperature applications not requiring high wear resistance. Often recommended for fine powders (sintered ore products, cement clinker, hot lime, etc.)