The Becker Belt Rip Scanner System is used to detect longitudinal rips on steel cord & textile reinforced belt to prevent greater damage to the belt by stopping the belt drives. About 90% of belt tears usually occur at the loading point and is mostly provoked by foreign bodies or objects. The remaining 10% is equally split up between the discharge / tail end and full run of the belt. The Becker Belt Rip Scanner System can be used wherever there is a danger of longitudinal belt rips. Inductive coils should be selected according to belt width and type of rubber. They can be supplied either as raw rubber plates for installing in steel cord conveyor belting during manufacture or as vulcanised plates for retrofitting for cold and hot vulcanisation.

The total number of coils necessary to protect the conveyor is user depended. If embedded in short distances (like 20m) in case of rip, the maximum tear will only be 20m.