Conveyor Belt Splicing

Interflex Holdings partner with market leading service providers to offer the highest quality splicing and maintenance service
Splicing methods are strictly in accordance to SABS 484-1/2 and SABS 485. On-site service is avaliable throughout Africa in all major mining regions
Services include steel cord splicing, textile reinforced splicing, PVC splicing, pulley lagging and repairs


Conveyor Belt Reclamation Technology

Interflex Holdings offer surface and underground conveyor belt winding equipment for easy recovery.The range include stationary and mobile winders and are designed based on the application criteria. We cater for all belt widths up to 2200mm


Belt Winder

Pulley Lagging

Interflex Holdings stock and distribute a large range of rubber pulley lagging and adhesives.
The range include large and small diamond paterns as well as fire retardent lagging. Our range also include a bonder layer option.
Available thicknesses:  10-12mm and widths 1200-1500mm

Pulley Lagging

Mobile Conveyor Systems

We offer a range of mobile conveyor equipment for the quarrying and sand operations in Africa. Options vary from full to semi-mobile equipment and is designed and fabricated in accordance to application criteria.
Being it washing, screening or general transportation, we have the solution available. Our range include inclined conveyors and screening technology.

Mobile Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor technology are an innovative solution for accurate and spillage free material transportation.
Our range include horizontal and slight inclined systems that is utilized in various industries. System capabilities include the transportation of semi-solid minerals, aggregates, fines, fertilizer and grain.

Screw Conveyor

Hydraulic Splicing Station

We offer hydraulic splicing stations for inclined and overland conveyor systems to ease the splicing process. The main objective is safe clamping and tensioning as well as time saving during the process.
The system is installed at the drive, take up station or on surface on the existing structure.

Tension Station

Vulcanizing Press

We specialize in the supply of rubber vulcanizing equipment for stationary and mobile applications. Our range include pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical presses available in all belt widths and splice lengths.
Systems can be fabricated to comply to underground flameproof requirements with various voltage options.

Vulcanising Press